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7 września przyjechali do nas nowi wolontariusze EVS. Sami zdecydowali się przedstawić:

Hello to everybody. My name is Lusine and  I am going to introduce the volunteers who came to Poland this year.
I will start from Rehabilitation, Education and Welfare Centre “Helenow”. There are 3 volunteers who are going to work there:  Mihaela Balan, Corinna Friedrich, Gayane Msryan. Mihaela is from Moldova. Corinna is from Germany. And Gayane is from Armenia. As I have already written all of them are going to work in the Rehabilitation Centre with disabled children and youth. Their main role will be to support assistants, educators and therapists of the Centre.
The volunteers who are going to work in Sociotherapy Centre for Youth “Jedrus” are Anne Matthies and Christina Fernandez Pascual. Anne  is from Germany and  Christina from Spain. The activity of the young voluntary workers will be to take care of primary school students studying in Jedrus.

The volunteers in “Helping Hand” Foundation are Elena Reck and Claudia Patricia Chona Parra. Elena is from Germany and Claudia is from Colombia. In the Foundation they will help disabled adults in their everyday life i.e. helping to keep order in the House and the surrounding area, helping in controlling safety during outdoor activities and social meetings outside of the door and etc.
And finally I will introduce myself. My name is Lusine Olshevskaya. I am from Armenia from Yerevan which is the capital of Armenia. I am 21 years old and I am going to be a volunteer in SPW office. My  main activities are helping with promotional activities of association, participation in everyday life of the association i.e.  participation in meetings, trainings.