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Nasz partner - organizacja Una Exchange poszukuje kandydatów na długoterminowy projekt EVS. 

Zachęcamy do zapoznania się z poniższym opisem. Osoby zainteresowane wzięciem udziału w rekrutacji prosimy o przesłanie CV i listu motywacyjnego (w  języku angielskim) na adres - Ten adres pocztowy jest chroniony przed spamowaniem. Aby go zobaczyć, konieczne jest włączenie w przeglądarce obsługi JavaScript. do 8 marca 2015. 


UNA Exchange - Communications volunteer placement

Host project

UNA Exchange manages a range of programmes which support international volunteering in Wales and abroad from two weeks to 12 months. Our activities bring together young people from different countries to volunteer their time and energies in a unique way, bringing benefits to individuals and communities alike.

UNA Exchange has been working on the EVS programme for over 15 years. We’ve been a sending organisation and a coordinating organisation, and we’re very happy to be a hosting organisation in our second year.


Project outline

The placements will be based in our offices in Cardiff and working closely with our director Paul on UNA Exchanges Communication. Currently our team consists of our director Paul, 4 members of staff and 2 EVS volunteers.


Placement duration: 13th April – 12th December 2015 (9 months)



Main tasks


  • Evaluate and disseminate information about UNA Exchanges activities
  • Attend, support and design UNA Exchange events
  • Take part in other volunteering opportunities such as leading two week international volunteer projects
  • Work in the peace garden
  • Contribute to general office tasks involving the recruitment and placing of both incoming and outgoing non-EVS volunteers


The volunteer we are now seeking would also engage in all these activities but with a particular focus on the first area relating to collection, evaluating, interpreting and communicating information about UNA Exchange’s activities, namely:


  • Collect and disseminate information about UNA Exchange activities in a way that will inspire and encourage participation in volunteering, travel and international understanding
  • Meet and interview volunteers to obtain feedback on the learning outcomes and experience the volunteers gained on their project.
  • Conduct research on how our program and our communications could be improved in order to improve quality and match the need of young people.
  • Collect information that can be used on a wider scale to promote the work done and inspire others to take up voluntary activities such as photo, video, audio, and  case studies
  • Attend formal and non formal activities and activities and record them in creative ways using new media
  • Work with staff to ensure consistency of approach and work towards developing a house style
  • Developing social media and web based content that promotes the organisation and its activities to the target age group
  • Research and undertake activities to improve our online presence and so improve our access to young people by examining our online profile, brand, content etc.
  • Promote awareness of our work to the wider community including potential hosts, funding organisations, community members as well as existing and potential volunteers
  • Work with stakeholders  to develop resources that can be used to communicate with particular target groups particularly those with fewer opportunities


The outcome of this placement would be to engage many more young people in Wales in volunteering and build the work of our organisation and ensure it is available to the widest possible target group.


Required skills

UNA Exchange is looking for a volunteer with an interest in international volunteering/ social media/digital communication/marketing/ video/ photography and (web) design.  It is vital that the volunteer will be able and willing to work on his or her own initiative and use her or his own ideas for inclusion in the project.  Experience of working with young people and international volunteering may be useful but is not our foremost criteria.  Experience with social media, (web) design, audio-visual communication, promotion and marketing will also be considered an asset.


Practical conditions

The volunteers will live centrally in Cardiff with other EVS volunteers in a shared house. Each person will have their own bedroom and will share kitchen, bathroom and living room. An amount of approximately £275 will be paid once a month for food, pocket money and internet.

Application Process


Please read carefully through the description, consider to go online as well to find more information about UNA Exchange ( ). The project will start on 13st April 2015 – 12st December 2015. Please make sure you are available to dedicate this time period to volunteering in Wales.