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Zapraszamy do zapoznania się z krótką relacją naszej wolontariuszki EVS - Marie Francard- z workcampu dla wolontariuszy EVS, jaki zorganizowaliśmy wspólnie z Kołem Związku Młodzieży Wiejskiej "Wici" w Tyczynie koło Rzeszowa.

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Between the 16th and the 25th of January, Zoran (Serbia), Diana (Moldova), Laura (Austria) and me (Belgium) took part in a workcamp in Tyczyn, a small town near Rzeszow in the south of Poland. It was organized by Tomasz Chlebek (Związek Młodzieży Wiejskiej), a very active volunteer of this municipality, in cooperation with Stowarzyszenie Promocji Wolontariatu. During those eight days, we visited kindergarten, five primary schools and two gymnasiums to share our experience as volunteers in EVS program and Workcamps but also to break stereotypes about other cultures and barriers in using English.

A workcamp… What for?
Tomasz is very involved in the social and cultural activities of his town as city council counselor and active member of the local branch of the NGO ZMW Tyczyn. He would like to host foreign volunteers for a few weeks (during a workcamp for example) or few months (through an EVS) in the future. Our workcamp was the occasion for him to convince local actors like mayor of Tyczyn, directors and teachers of school but also young people of the great opportunity the voluntary service offers. It enables to open the mind of the children and give them the will to travel and discover other places. It also enables them to develop practical skills like speaking in English.

What about our role?
Our daily activities depended of the school we were visiting. Each day, we were visiting a different place. Sometimes, we simply joined the pupils in their daily activities: like in Borek Stary where we were attending English lesson with the children from kindergarten. Sometimes we participated to a special program they prepared for us. In Kielnarowa, we helped the pupils to create information boards about our countries. In Matysówka, some of us wrote letters or made posters about winter in Austria and Belgium. Sometimes, students prepared presentation for us like in the gymnasium of Tyczyn. They spoke about themselves, about their school and all the activities organized inside the institution. In Chmielnik and in Gymnasium of Tyczyn, we had the opportunity to meet young volunteers and to speak about our experiences of being volunteer, being abroad for a few months, taking part to international projects like in a workcamp…
We also had the opportunity to show presentations about our countries in every place we were. Afterwards, we could answer the questions of pupils. The most classical questions were about our opinion of Poland. Some were a bit surprising like “Why is Serbian flag red, blue and white?

Free time
We spent most of our freetime with the volunteers of ZMW Tyczyn. They are a happy bunch of young people aged between 15 and 27. Some of them don’t speak English so it was a good opportunity to improve our polish. But we did more than this together. We played volley ball with them. One evening, they brought us into Fashion Club, a… club, in Rzeszów. Next evening, we made a photo session wearing particular outfits. Laura was wearing her typical pink Austrian outfit. Zoran was dressed as Papa Smurf. I was dressed in a sky suit and tried to act as if my hair were flying. We weren’t maybe that convincing but we had fun! During the weekend, we went skiing to Przemyśl. It was a great moment even if, for some of us, the first movements were a bit difficult. Tomasz took us on a tour of Rzeszow, the capital of the Podkarpackie region. They also organized a surprise birthday party for Zoran. On last evening, we decided to organize a last minute karaoke. The Village People and Aqua can be worried …

Autor: Marie Francard

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