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Wolontariusz na poniżej opisany projekt poszukiwany:

Concordia Picardie
Project environment
CONCORDIA Picardie npdc is composed of volunteers and two permanent staff members and is helped, particularly in the summer and for social occasions, by a lively “vie associative”. In the summer season professional group leaders are employed for our international work-camps. During the year, we welcome french volunteers in “Service Civique”
The Regional delegation CONCORDIA Picardie NPDC is in Picardy, north of France in a town call Amiens. This region is composed of 3 counties; one on them is Somme where we have our office. On the economic side, we can say that there are two important activities: agriculture et industrial activities. Amiens is close from the see, Paris (75 mi) and Lille (62 mi) the area is also rich with his patrimony heritage from the first world war.
This is a pleasant city of 139000 inhabitants and the cathedral the tallest of the large 'classic' gothic churches of the 13th century and is the largest in France of its kind. Amiens is an “university town within more than 26000 students. its geographical situation (near the see and on the road between Paris and Lille and on the road between the see and Belgium) Many other places are also wonderful and will be possible to visit : “château de Compiègne”, hortillonnages   ( ardens on small islands in the marshland along the Somme River)
From Amiens, where the volunteers will be welcome, they will have the opportunity to go, after that, on differents places where we have projects in the region Picardy. 
Tasks and activities
The volunteers will participate in the work of the Youth Information office in Concordia Picardie NPDC, which provides information about the Youth in Action Program. The volunteers with the staff will give information about the Youth Action Program, make the voluntary service more attractive for the French youngsters giving live example with their participation.

EVS’s activities :

- To represent their sending organisation (its philosophy and values) with others volunteers and staff member
- To present the Youth in Action Programm and especially the European Voluntary Service
- To communicate to CONCORDIA and workcamps locally.
- To present their country, their culture.
- To give an hand to CONCORDIA in communication, information and animation area
- To bring a European dimension to the activities of the structure and to the local community
- To bring a fresh and external view and ideas.
- To participate to training like workcamps leader training
- To assist the campleader activities during workcamps

What the volunteer will be provided :

- Its cultural, linguistic, dynamism, openness to European mobility
- A presentation of his  EVS experience with  media of his choice.
- His ideas, his activities, his vision of Europe
What the volunteer will learn :

- Comprehensive knowledge of European systems and the functioning of volunteer sites
- A privileged contact with young people enabling him to discover the cultural diversity of our city.
- Information on all local festivals and places to visit French courses suited to their language level
- Skills "European" and intercultural: to be and feel what it means to be European citizens.
- Living in community, teamwork, sharing ideas, conflict management, adaptability to change ...
- Project management skills: setting goals, planning, evaluation, project ...
- Language skills (French English )
Intergenerational projects animations towards the elderly in rural areas

Concordia to associate a European Voluntary Service to support local social initiatives toward the elderly in rural areas.

Volunteer activities will include :
The volunteer will help to enhance the lives of seniors in isolation, visits in partnership with social structures and other volunteers and voluntary association.
The presence of volunteers during these visits can be exchanged with the seniors about various subjects, learn about another culture by their presence. The purpose of the project is not only the fact that volunteers would have to accompany the wizards of life. - The volunteers' tasks will be tailored to the skills and abilities.
- The volunteer will have to connect the initiatives of the Association of Concordia animation seniors.
- The volunteer will be involved in the activities of the business and Concordia will be asked to participate in community life of the association according to the desires (seminars, training)
- The volunteer will have the opportunity to develop a personal project and teams will be open and attentive to their needs and initiatives.

Concordia Picardy NPDC is currently coordinating the EVS project "Help at Home" in partnership with "Orfeas organization") accompanying senior social workers in isolation and exclusion) in Greece, the experience of volunteers in Greece are very informative to ensure progress on the project. The former EVS volunteers will be able to participate in activities when they return

What the volunteer will bring:

- The whole point of having volunteers through the EVS is the contribution that they make their national and cultural differences.
- The volunteer will develop solidarity and understanding, foster social relationships between different populations: young and senior, youth volunteers and local youth

What the volunteer will learn:
-          The volunteer will be trained in support of older
-          European and intercultural skills: being and feeling what it means to be a European Citizen.
-           group living, citizenship, teamwork, exchange of ideas, conflict management, adapt to new situations …
-           Interpersonal skills (negotiation, conflict management, assertiveness …)
-           Project management skills (defining aims, planning, evaluation …)
-           Language skills

Practical conditions
Ø       Working Hours : The volunteer will work approx. 35 hours per week
Ø       Working and living conditions:
Ø       Volunteers will be accommodated within the young workers of Amiens. Homes young workers are establishments that make available a set of youth physical facilities to house them and ways that directly or indirectly promote their social inclusion.

The home will be the chosen home of young Castile. This young workers home already has experience of hosting European volunteers under the device "Eurodyssée” Located in the center of the city of Amiens, they will be in contact with other young Picard (youth 16 to 30 years in contract work, internships, vocational training, learning...)

The volunteer will live in a studio supported by the association Concordia, a community kitchen with individual lockers will be available for volunteers, as well as activity rooms and amenities. A permanent health will be provided by a nurse. The premises have a laundry room and a computer with Wi-Fi Internet.
Ø      . In addition the volunteer will get pocket money (125€ per month).

Application deadline: 19th January 2012
Please send your CV and motivation letter to: Dorota Braziewicz
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